How I know the War on Drugs is the Biggest Scam in History. Part 1

My father was the Head of the District Court of Western Australia.Left school at 16 (diagnosed dyslexic at 27) without qualifications to become a warehouseman and later a trade assistant at a motorcycle retail and repairer, a council gardener, a trade assistant at my uncle’s country smash repairs, dishwasher etc etc

Me with a GT aka Golden Trevally
My grandfather probably pulled strings and got me onto a 12 week Deck Hands course at Fremantle Maritime Technical College.

The night after successfully completing the course I was off shore Exmouth (West Oz not UK) on a prawn trawler with a crew of 3. During this time I experimented with alcohol and drugs (cannabis, hash, hash oil, amphetamine, mushrooms in Bali and kava in Fiji (would have been rude not to), smoked heroine once, not to mention the odd trip). I learnt you could safely operate a powerful hydraulic winch on cannabis but doing so drunk would be madness if drunk. I surfed perfect waves on uninhabited islands with friends, hand fed fresh squid to dolphins, worked hard and played hard. Sometimes we avoided tempestuous cyclones, and sometimes not. I taught a New Zealander how to safely ride sea turtles. My friends included, Mad Mick, Phantom, Pinky (the afore mentioned Kiwi) Black Pete (Vietnam veteran; wasn’t black?), Bobby etc, etc etc They were the good ol days!
Me with a 'Spaniard'
Having achieved my Master Class V Skippers ticket I decided not to spend life at sea. Moved to Cairns Qld, met my English Rose, Moved to UK, married, 3 fantastic kids, currently work for a multinational as Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Coordinator and studying towards an MBA with the Open University.

Now officially an adult, I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs [correct at time of writing] and have a beautiful family. My friends include a Vascular Surgical consultant, who would have got on well with Mad Mick, but I wish I could convince him to give up smoking cigarettes.

I don’t need to go university to know, from a position of considerable knowledge on the subject, that the War on Drugs is one of the biggest scams in history. The solution is full legalisation and state control of all drugs. Anything else will continue to be counter-productive leaving organised crime to inevitably get more powerful.