Do not ban ganja, for many the natives use it.

My Lord, it is not alcohol
our Indian’s are taking,
But something more deleterious,
‘Ganja’, if I’m not mistaking.

What Indians taking, is making me tense
An elixier a potion that makes no sense
Opium wars now 20 years hence,
Tap a new stream for dollars and cents?

We must act quickly
Get natives on spirits
No money in ganja
Drink best drink British!

Let’s not be hasty,
Bring me the facts
Whatever the cost.
Need not be rash

The report now back
Much information collected
I note it now tabled.
And, that it’s rejected.

But what of the report form 100 years since,
what was in it that failed to convince?
The breweries been brewing in India relentless.
Evidence of wrong from all of my senses

‘Do not ban ganja,
for many the natives use it.
It’s just a plant that grows.
They do not abuse it.’

Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1894-1895

Medical History of British India - National Library Scotland