When the glacier slipped

The 12th October 2015 is when the UK cannabis policy glacia finally slipped and started calving. Gathering outside parliament was an eclectic mix of society. Cannabis is something that's best done socially. Such social use of cannabis is deemed prohibited by an ill-informed bumbling elite quaffing Clarat in Westminster Palace opposite.

I met a good man struggling with mental illness and to afford beans while his welfare payments are cut again. Coincidentally he shared the same surname as my Grandmother 'Foley'. His ancestors were coal miners. Some certainly took their skills and chased a fortune in the Californian and then Kalgoorlie Gold Rush, where my Grandmother was from, Coolgardie to be precise.

I met another man who showed me a picture of his house in India upon a lush hillside. 'Everything that's green is cannabis' he explained. Another virtually crippled man with multiple hardship. Beautiful young intelligent people, some wise old farts and every flavour in between. One People.

The one thing we shared and united us was cannabis. And, those people across the road forbid it.

Have made some progress on the 'Royal Cannabis Centre of Excellence' having got a "good idea" from Prof Leslie Iverson. I'm now contacting the current President of the Royal Society, Paul Nurse, a Geneticist, Biologist etc. It's his Predecessor in the 1700's, Sir Joseph Banks who's research into hemp I want to review as a foundation for the Royal Cannabis Centre of Excellence.